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for Ballet Teachers

  Free. Online. Community-Lead.

Certificate Courses & Series are online courses for teachers to master new skills relating to ballet education. All courses are free and created by one of the teachers in our community. 

Courses accessible on Google Classroom.

Certificate Course

Music of Ballet Class

An introduction to music theory and dance rhythms, while provide you with the skills needed to apply this knowledge in ballet classes for your students.

Past Course closed:

April 1 - May 31, 2022

Course will be offered again in Fall 2022.

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Backstage at the Ballet

Each episode features a ballet production, including a collection of resources live chats, choreography, videos, and more.

Available anytime

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What is the difference between a Certificate Course or Series?

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate Courses are online classes that teachers can pursue to master new skills relating to ballet education.

  • A Certificate will be rewarded to participants who have completed and achieved a passing grade on each assignment. Details are indicated on each assignment description in Google Classroom.

  • Courses have specific term dates since there is a course instructor assigned to lead each course.


  • Series are ongoing programs with collections of videos, chats, and resources.

  • These materials can be accessed at anytime.

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